1984 Secret Wars Doctor Doom 11/28-12/4

This particular figure stands out to me because of the  memory attached to it.The year was 1986 or ’87,not 100% sure .I remember riding the bus home from school one day and noticing a CVS  pharmacy in a nearby plaza about 5 blocks away from where we lived .I remember getting off the bus and running home excitedly to break the news to my mom.The cool thing about pharmacies was the mutual interest me and my mother had in them.My mom loved stores like CVS  because of their wide variety of everything from Tylenol to Chocolate Cordials, so while she scoured the aisles for Neosporin and paper towels i would be assessing the toy section and searching for that one action figure that would possibly be making the trip back home with me that day if i was lucky.So sure enough after letting mom know that we were running low on paper towels and how she would absolutely have to go to CVS and replenish her depleted BRAWNY supply, off we went….and that’s when i laid eyes on this incredibly cool Secret Wars Dr. Doom action figure.I already owned the Captain America figure from this line and i just had to have that Doctor Doom to go with it.Ultimately my mom caved and bought ol’ doom for me that day and i can still remember reading the card front to back while walking back home. This Dr. Doom isn’t the one i owned as a kid but i was still able to pick it up in pretty much mint condition with all of his paint,accessories and very minimal wear if any and while he’s not on my “Top 5 Action Figures Owned” list he definitely cracks my top 10 list!

1984 Marvel Secret Wars Dr. Doom


Cont. Pics

8 responses to “1984 Secret Wars Doctor Doom 11/28-12/4

  1. Nice! and you got a Baron Zemo too very cool. I had a few of the Secret Wars figures myself as a kid and i keep telling myself i should pick-up some again when i get a chance.

  2. I have a bunch of these too!
    Yours look to be in much better shape…mine are missing paint and weapons.
    Do you have any of the vehicles?
    I just completed my Doom Roller in June. ^_^
    So now I have it…the 2 bikes and The Batmobile, I hope to get a hold of a Doom Tower (Tower of Doom?…cant recall right now.) one day.

  3. I don’t have any of the vehicles or The Tower of Doom but would love to get my hands on them!I would like to pick up a few more figures from this line and then maybe go after the tower 😉

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