10 responses to “Snake Eyes!

    • Ya gotta love Snake Eyes!He falls into that Wolverine category with his military and martial arts background.Both are 1 and 2 on my all time favorite comic book/cartoon characters list.It’s only a matter of time before they release a Snake Eyes Origins film,and when/if they do I sure hope they get it right.

  1. One of my favorite joes. I remember ordering V2 online on my last day of work at a summer job in college. I had wanted him since I was a kid, but couldn’t find him. So after a hard summer I decided to treat myself. I need to get around to photographing and posting about my vintage joes.

    • I got my v.2 online as well and was like a kid waiting for it to arrive in the mail.I would have liked to have some of his accessories but it was Timber that sealed the deal.

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