Foam Action figure Playset/Diorama

Ever since i was kid i can remember always wanting one of those super cool Marvel or G.I. Joe playsets,and never getting one lol.These things were massive,super cool and expensive which explains why i never owned any as a kid.As of late i’ve been tinkering with foam dioramas,on smaller scales though, and decided to make my very own Marvel/G.I. Joe playset.I know it’s not the most flawless looking thing and there are no HASBRO stampings on them  but it still makes for a pretty cool backdrop for picture taking and displaying.I decided to go with a battle torn street with some abandoned buildings for the background.I still have to add little things like manhole covers,street signs and traffic lights and certain areas need touching up but for now this will do.I haven’t taken any pics of MARVEL figures in a while so i decided to let them break in the new dio.

10 responses to “Foam Action figure Playset/Diorama

  1. Thanks,I thought about that Chris but i think for now i’ll stick to doing it as a hobby.If i get to the point where i feel something is good enough to put a price on then i may just throw it up on eBay for the heck of it lol.I still have lots of room for improvement with these.It really is a fun process though.

    • Thanks Kim and thanks for stopping in :)Yes these are made from the pink industrial foam used to insulate bathrooms.You can find 8 ft. long sheets of them at Home Depot for about 8 bucks.This kind of foam is used to make all sorts of things from headboards to movie set props.

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