Transformers D.O.T.M. – Topspin

A while ago blog buddy Jason Vorhees   sent me a nice little package containing some real cool Transformers figures and since then my interest in them has grown.Now while most people are collecting Prime and Generations , I’m pretty content with the less popular D.O.T.M. movie series line of figures.I do,however,see the gripe most collectors have with them.The lack of paint on some of these deluxe figures is what hurts the line the most IMO and Topspin here is a perfect example.In car mode he shines and the weapons look good on the vehicle.It’s the lack of paint in robot mode that I’m not too thrilled with.There is way too much gray in this figure and it really takes away from the overall design and sculpt.Aside from that he’s an all right figure and will be put on display next to my D.O.T.M. Optimus,Bumblebee and Thundercracker.Enjoy the pics!


13 responses to “Transformers D.O.T.M. – Topspin

  1. The articulation looks pretty good. I might pick one up. How does it look next to a 3 inch figure? I am currently watching Superman: Brainiac attacks and it occured to me to look into a transformer that loom large over an infinite crisis Superman figure to maybe be Brainiac that has morphed into a giant robot.

  2. I had to pass on him as well. Although he does take his name from one of the G1 Jump Starters(which is a nice throwback). There was also a Wal-Mart exclusive of this figure with cooler looking paint. I know that you already have Bumblebee. But would you be interested in a DotM Wal-Mart exclusive Bumblebee? I’m trying to slim down my collection lately, and he just doesn’t fit my scope right now, so I’d be willing to make a trade.

    You can take a look at him here.

    • He really is bad a#$ Jason but I’ll have to pass,however if there is anything else Transformer or Joe related then we can work something out.You can drop me an e-mail if you still have it ; I have another e-mail address that shows up on my profile if you hover over the author pic.
      BTW-Was it Topspin you wanted to trade for?

      • No, Topspin wouldn’t fit into my current collecting habits, which is why I am trying to get rid of “Bee”. I do have a bunch of “The Corps” figures, and maybe a stray 25th Anniversary Joe or 2. I just figured that since you’re into the DotM stuff, you’d be the perfect candidate. But let me know. I’m sure we can work something out.

        P.S. – Did you ever get the cables to get that 64 fired up?

      • I thought I had your e-mail address 😦 Anyways ,I’ve got that Triceraton and a vintage Splinter that I could send over along with some other 80’s goodies.You can e-mail me at my Hotmail address for any other details or ?’s you may have.Thanks J!

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