Many Thanks jboypac!

Every once in a while somebody somewhere genuinely goes out of their way to do something generous for someone else.Granted i am pretty much new to the world of blogging and am still learning the ropes “so to speak”,my time spent surfing the web looking for cool toy/pop culture related sites have proved to be quite fruitful.Sites like “Hey Look At My Toys” ,”Super Duper Toy Box”  and jboypac’s  “Revenge From The Cosmic Arc” have shown me that their are others who are just as passionate about their childhood  as i am.It was these three sites that ultimately inspired me to go ahead and start my own toy blog and take my own trips down memory lane(occasionally accompanied by a jboypacman,Metal Borg or an SDTB 😉  ) one post and action figure at a time.Well… This week my good friend Mr.jboypacman has taken it a step further by graciously sending me one behemoth of a package!People just don’t do things like this anymore and for jboypac to go out of his way and do something like this speaks volumes.These pics don’t do this amazing collection of contemporary as well as vintage action figures justice.I’ve got vintage M.O.T.U stuff here as well as T.M.N.T. figures and a host of other cool things that i will be looking through and taking pics of this week-end .I can’t thank you enough jbp .


Toys,Toys .....

...and more Toys!

6 responses to “Many Thanks jboypac!

  1. I most certainly will jb!The funny thing is that i was already on the verge of starting a vintage T.M.N.T. collection and you my friend have put me way ahead of the game!I loved that line as a kid and watched the cartoon religiously!Love the He-Man and Mekanek figures as well!I can’t wait to take pics!

    BTW:I’ll be sending you a little “thank you” package sometime this week 😉

  2. jboypacman is one of the good ones. That is the ONE think I knew would always come positive out of the internet, the connections we get to make with like minded individuals. Luckily our obsessions are plastic action figures and not human brains. To each his own.

  3. Yeah human brains MOC doesn’t have such a nice ring to it Lol!Jb really went out of his way on this one(as he has for countless other toy bloggers)These kinds of selfless acts really tend to rub off on people.Very much appreciated!Thanks for posting Kal!

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