G.I Joe 1983-Destro 10/08-10/14

I know you guys were probably expecting another TF DOTM post but no,that post will take place on Wednesday 😉 Last night I decided to dig into the ‘ol Bag-o-Joe’s and pull out one of my favorite Cobra villains,Destro,for Monday morning’s post.I never owned this Destro as a kid  but always wanted one because this was the cartoon version of him.I would ultimately pick up the Iron Grenadier version w/ chariot but never got that fulfillment I knew I would have gotten with the ’83 version.Alot of the vintage Joes I have now aren’t of ones I had as a kid but rather of figures that I always wanted as a kid and never owned.I remember being amazed every time someone would show me their Destro,Baroness and Snake Eyes figures because I started collecting Joes in ’86 up until  ’88 and these guys just weren’t being sold in stores anymore.Figures like Dusty,Quick Kick and Barbecue were hard as heck to come by in the late 80’s and could only be acquired via trade with other kids who had them.My go to Barbecue would be the Slaughters Marauders version and I would also have to settle on the Tiger Force versions of  Life-Line,Flint,Duke and Bazooka to round out my collection.Tiger Force Duke’s hair color used to bug the crap out of me,though.I can honestly say that I now have most of the early 80’s  Joe’s that I had wanted as a kid but hardly any of the figures I used to have LOL!From here on out I’ll be focusing on the ’87-’88(Crystal Ball,Raptor,Spearhead And Max) line to see If  I can fill that particular void in my collection.

10 responses to “G.I Joe 1983-Destro 10/08-10/14

  1. Absolutely agree on finding old figures. My Flint & Duke were Tiger Force – and it always left a void in my 9 year-old-soul. And I’m rebuilding the collection I always wish I had as a kid (Hello Quick Kick!) btw, I have a nice Spearhead & Max if you’re interested in buying!

    • Thanks for commenting Dave and welcome to AF&T!Yeah I never felt like I had the real deal Duke or Flint figures ,seeing as they were the Tiger Force versions.As far as Spearhead and Max go,do you have a link to your site or is it on ebay?Maybe I’ll take a look 😉

  2. Great figure. A friend of mine was obsessed with wrestling’s Four Horsemen at the time so played with his GI Joes that way. I believe his group was Destro, Zartan, MajorBludd, and one other…I like this Destro alot.

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