1992 Marvel ToyBiz – Iceman

I wish I would have gotten this figure MOC.Instead I picked it up used/loose for a couple bucks and essentially got what I paid for.I still love the heck out of this figure despite the fact that whoever owned it before me stuck him inside of the freezer one too many times,causing the translucency of the figure to cloud up a bit.Either that or the figure just lost it’s luster over time,not 100% sure.He still looks great on display and will serve it’s purpose until I can get my hands on a MOC.

6 responses to “1992 Marvel ToyBiz – Iceman

    • Yeah I really wanna get this guy moc just to have a cleaner version of em’. I already have another on card Wolvie coming because the loose one i picked up had somewhat of a chewed up right claw and was missing all of his accessories.I don’t know why i’m being so picky with these ToyBiz figures.Maybe i feel like they are recent enough to be able to have in better shape,if that makes any sense..

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