Dollar General G.I. Joe – Snake Eyes (repaint)

When i first spotted this figure on the pegs at my local DG,i noticed there was something off about it but i couldn’t quite put my finger on it.So i snagged it up anyways,took some pics and put a big “CLASH ALERT!” arrow on it instead.The court finds the web gear guilty on one count of  clashing in the 1rst degree.And even though it fits, i refuse to acquit.Subsequently,i  grabbed my ROC Ripcord figure’s gear  and equipped “greenie” with it,and it didn’t look that bad.I’ll probably give Ripcord his vest back and elect to go web-gear-less with this particular Snake Eyes figure when displaying.












6 responses to “Dollar General G.I. Joe – Snake Eyes (repaint)

  1. Nice outdoor shot! More of those please 🙂
    He looks much better without his supplied web gear, I didn’t spot the mis match in the greens, but it’s apparent in your pics.
    Sweet figure, I’m hitting all the DGs when I land in the states in September to find me some of these. The value is just too good.

    • Believe it or not,that was my first outdoor action figure pic!I was pretty psyched about it.
      The different shades of green really detract from the figure,but it’s Snake Eyes so he gets a pass.

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