Joes at Dollar General?

TNI   , a site that i check out quite often,is reporting that some real quality Joe stuff could be making it’s way to the shelves/pegs of discount stores like Dollar General and possibly Family Dollar.Now last i checked Dollar General is one of those “everything for a dollar” stores and i highly doubt these Joes will be selling for a buck a piece.I’m pretty sure they meant Family Dollar.Any who you can click on the link below to get the 411 and product pics!

UPDATE: Dollar General does carry items priced over a dollar….my bad!I may have been thinking about Dollare Tree  LOL!

2 responses to “Joes at Dollar General?

  1. Yeah i remember seeing Marvel Universe repaints at the Family Dollar not long ago so this does not surprise me. So bring on some COBRA B.A.T.S

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